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AnTique Ammo and ARms

Welcome! Feel free to preview the collection.  Not everything is on the site, but check back because we add new items all of the time.  Please feel free to contact us with any item inquiries at       


The collection includes rare cartridges, firearms, and pistols, Civil war era ammo and memorabilia, both Union and Confederate. , long rifles, Plain rifles, Kentucky Rifles, experimental models, Cowboy era weapons, and muskets. Flint locks, Single Shot Rifles, Gatling Guns, Rimfire, Centerfire, muzzle loading, breech loading, six shooters, single action, double action, pinfire, lever action weapons and revolvers, percussion rifles, Army and Navy pistols. U.S Martial pistols, Historic Firearms and Early Military Artillery European Flintlock, Blunderbuss. Bayonets. dueling pistols, cased pistols, shot guns

Advertising and promotional items, postal history, envelopes, bullet molds, loading tools, powder flasks, cased pistols. various cartridge boxes, bullets, magazines, black and smokeless powder cans, powder horns and flasks, Boxes of primers and percussion caps, pins, pinbacks, targets, shot shells and boxes.

Some of the companies and manufacturers include Colt, Stevens, Peters, Winchester, Maynard, Sharps. Derringers by Xl, Allen, Forehand & Wadsworth, National, Sharps, Continental, Bacon, Remington, Starr, Eclipse, Reid, Rupertus, Sharps & Hankins, Burnside, Henry, New Haven Arms, Ward-Burton, Union Metallic Cartridge Company,  Volcanic, Hopkins and Allen, Merwin & Hulbert, Marlin, United States Cartridge Company, Federal Cartridge Company, Merrimack Arms, Brown, Mauser, Rock Island Arsenal, Frankford Arsenal, L.C. Smith, Walther, Spencer, Carbine, Army, Navy, Springfield, Morse, Gallager, Savage, New Haven, Rodger & Spencer, Joslyn, Whitney, Allen & Wheelock, Moore, Mass Arms, S.C. Robinson, Ballard, Gwyn & Campbell, Enfield, Manton, Harper’s Ferry, Evans, Triplet and Scott, Lindner, Smith & Wesson, Smith, Frank Wesson, Gibbs, Perry, Warner, Peabody, Starr, Manhattan, and Metropolitan.


Also in the collection are Native American Indian artifacts, arrowheads, and axe heads. Decoys and fishing lures.

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